Art Exhibit Reception

Third Annual Gabriel Loire Art Exhibit
began Friday, April 21st
closing reception Saturday, May 20th 3-5 p.m
at Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Austin, Texas

In 2015, the Lutheran Visual Arts Council of Central Texas hosted their first Abundant Life Art Exhibit. Gethsemane Lutheran is hosting the Third Annual Abundant Life Art Exhibit which began Friday April 21st, the birth date of the late Gabriel Loire, artist/creator of the Gethsemane Lutheran Stained Glass Windows.

Gethsemane artists, artists from the Austin community and GLCM children include pieces from Clare William Andrus, Pehr Smith, Jeanell Buida Bolton, Lee Bolton, Erin Rosales, John Berry, Pam Bornemann Atkins, Gary Bever, Caroline Maclay Beyer (late & beloved), Ben Beyer, Virginia Springer Marek and Kileen ‘Kay’ Menem Freitag (late & beloved). The 2017 exhibit is dedicated in memory of Reformation artist Lucas Cranach 1553. Special thanks to Clare Andrus, Pehr Smith, Angelica Ludquist, Tracy Williams and John Berry for coordinating this exhibition in commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of Lutheran Reormation.

Gethsemane members are invited to visit the exhibit in the Steffans Parlor. Plans are for a closing reception Sunday, May 20th 3-5 p.m. when the artists discuss their work.