Drive A Senior Fundraiser

Gethsemane member Tony Venza is a leader with the Drive A SeniorNorth Central. Gethsemane Lutheran is a charter member of this ministry with the goal of helping senior adults to stay in their homes by providing needed transportation. Due to recent federal government delays in funding senior citizen transportation services such as Drive A Senior, Gethsemane Lutheran was asked to provide “extra” financial support. Through the Carl & Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation a gift was given to enable this vital ministry to meet their staff obligations. Tony,  the staff of Drive a Senior and the people they serve express their thanks. Gethsemane Lutheran will host  their annual Fundraiser, September 22nd, 4 pm. The Coordinating Committee have met with Pastor Karl Gronberg and Tony Venza  to plan the event. They will be using the MPR and kitchen. Gethsemane members are encouraged to “Save the Date” to support this ministry to senior adults.