November is Wellness Month at Gethsemane

Join us all month long for weekly sharing and learning about healthy living for mind, body and spirit!

These events are FREE. Check back soon for registration details.


Attend virtual wellness sessions for all ages weekly throughout the month of November. Schedule and registration details will be added as available.

EXERCISE/YOGA – Join us for a Facebook Live Yoga Session on Sunday, November 1st from 3-4 p.m.
Exercise involves engaging in physical activity and increasing the heart rate beyond resting levels. It is an important part of preserving physical and mental health. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise as it develops a relationship between your body, mind, and spirit through different body postures, meditation and breathing patterns. Maintaining a regular yoga practice provides numerous physical and mental health benefits.

MENTAL HEALTH – Join us for a virtual “Family & Friends Mental Health Workshop” led by NAMI Central Texas on Saturday, November 7th from 1-4 p.m.
In the United States, almost half of adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. Hear compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery. Understand the reality of living with mental health conditions that are often invisible to others. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions, which allows for a deeper understanding of mental health conditions and helps dispel stereotypes and misconceptions.

We have so many demands on our time—jobs, family, errands—not to mention finding time to relax. To fit everything in, we often sacrifice sleep. But sleep is vital to your well-being. Insufficient sleep is linked to a host of health problems, from depression to cardiovascular disease. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle.

Eating a nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well. Healthy food provides the energy you need to keep active throughout the day and the nutrients you need for growth and repair, helping you to stay strong and healthy.

Studies have shown mindfulness meditation to positively impact both mental and physical health by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus and improving relationships.


Join us for Sunday morning virtual worship services, which will also be centered around wellness during the month of November.