Community Connection Initiative

As part of our ELCA Mental Health Ministry Grant, Gethsemane’s Community Connection Initiative is designed to help each of us work proactively to look after the mental well-being of ourselves and others. Make plans to get involved with projects that center around supporting mental health within our community. Also, acts of service support your own mental health as well!

“You Are Loved” Signs

We are excited to have Gethsemane Lutheran Church yard signs, posters and magnets to help us let people know we are thinking of them and they are loved! If you would like to help deliver/mail signs or if you know of someone who simply needs to know they are loved by the Gethsemane community, please contact Pastor Susie at

Gethsemane’s Friend-to-Friend Program

Join this fun Friend-to-Friend program by visiting with a Gethsemane friend every two weeks from October to March. This structured program will help keep us connected during the winter months. The program runs from October 2020 to March 2021. Whether you are 100 years old or a senior high school student, there is a place for you! Friend Calls will occur about every 2 weeks for 15 minutes each. You can sign up to be a Friend that calls or receive a call from a Friend. A short Zoom training will help Friends that call. Let’s stay connected! Sign up via email:

Look What’s Cookin’…The Casserole Ministry!

If you can provide a casserole (homemade or store-bought) to a Gethsemane friend to lift their spirits or just revive their joy in dining during these unprecedented times, contact Casseroles should be in a non-returnable container, they do not need to include any additional sides or items and they should be delivered via porch-dropoff when the recipient is home. We will provide you with name, address, contact info and any necessary dietary restrictions. Let’s Get Cookin’!

Bereavement Sympathy Cards

We’re beginning another new ministry of sending sympathy cards to families who have lost a loved one during this difficult time. If you would like to help with this ministry please contact